DOMO Sushi

DOMO Sushi on El Paseo in Palm Desert serves up some delicious sushi, that is only enhanced by their beautiful plating skills. If you ask the chefs, they will tell you that it is the art of sushi they focus on. A plate of sashimi transforms into a beautiful spiral flower, using ginger and wasabi as components of the design. If you’re in town and you’re looking for the perfect sushi spot, we encourage you to try DOMO.

Salon Sashimi

What to Eat at DOMO Sushi on El Paseo

  • Monkey Brain – Avacado, spicy tuna and crab. Served deep fried with spicy mayo, masago, and eel sauce (which is to die for if you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting it).
  • Sunomono – A traditional pickled cucumber salad
  • Yakisoba-Beef – This stir-fried noodles dish is the definition of umami