Mecca Hills Wilderness

The Mecca Hills are a low mountain range largely influenced by the San Andreas Fault. Rock formations, some of which expose layers of eroded rock that date back more than 600 million years, create intricate canyons that make up the wilderness area. Mecca Hills Wilderness is a collection of small, narrow canyon walls, and rugged badlands.

The Mecca Hills are home to a wide variety of wildlife as well, including desert tortoises, spotted bats, and prairie falcons. Even bighorn sheep are seen here, traveling to the area fro, the Orocopia Mountains.

There is hiking in Mecca Hills for all skill levels and at varying lengths and terrain.

Mecca Hills Wilderness

Getting to Mecca Hills Wilderness

From Palm Desert, take Highway 111 east to 66th Avenue. This road curves through Mecca and takes you to Painted Canyon Road on the left, which is a 4-mile dirt road that dead-ends at a parking lot. It is just more than 30 miles from the center of Palm Desert.