Memorial Day Flower Drop & Air Fair

05/25/2020 - 05/25/2020

Join us at the Palm Springs Air Museum for the famous Flower Drop in celebration of Memorial Day 2020! This annual event offers rides in vintage warplanes, food vendors, a beer garden and of course… tons of carnations falling from the sky.

Memorial Day Flower Drop & Air Fair 2020

White carnation flowers

The Annual Memorial Day Flower Drop & Air Fair is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon with the family. There will be a ton of vintage war planes on display, and you can even pay to fly in one! A World War II B-25 will do a fly by and then drop red and white carnations into the sky. It’s a really stunning ceremony and visitors are welcome to take home a flower. There will also be a great selection of food vendors onsite, and a beer garden to enjoy.

Couple enjoying beer at a beer garden on a sunny day

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